Moth trapping 2015

This year we ran the moth trap within the Crowhurst Reserve on the night of 18th July, and on the following morning 6 friends of the reserve and myself gathered to examine the catch. In the end we identified a total of 46 species and the list has been passed to the Sussex moth recorder. This was not part of the nationally organised ‘Moth Night’ (which this year falls on 10-12 September) but served to add records to the reserve list, as well as enabling the reserve volunteers to closely observe a selection of ‘their’ moths. Here is the full list -

Black Arches

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Willow Beauty

Satin Lutestring

Rosy Footman

Common Footman

Clouded Border

July Highflyer

Mother of Pearl (Pyralid micro)

Riband Wave

Swallow-tailed Moth


Catoptria pinella (Pyralid micro)

Light Emerald

Brimstone Moth

Buff Ermine

Small Fan-footed Wave


Smoky Wainscot

Barred Straw

Scalloped Oak

Double-square Spot

Large Yellow Underwing

Lunar-spotted Pinion


Nut-tree Tussock

Lesser Yellow Underwing

Early Thorn

Small Magpie (Pyralid micro)

Buff Arches

Large Emerald

Treble Brown Spot

Common White Wave

Bright-line Brown-eye



Rush Veneer (migrant Pyralid micro)

Clouded Silver

Mottled Rustic

Marbled White Spot


Dark Sword-grass (migrant)

Carcina quercana (micro)

Perinephela lancealis (Pyralid micro)

Dusky Sallow


TOTAL = 46 species positively identified and accepted by Sussex moth recorder Colin Pratt

Also in the trap, but not identified to species level  –

Pug moth sp

Caddis Fly sp

Bumblebee sp

Ralph Hobbs


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